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we will Them your services to the disposal put that the below in this document mentioned Conditions subject to . with each Visit this site , everyone use of their services or each purchase accept you the following conditions . So bite we you , this careful to read .

Data protection

Before you ours site further use , recommend we you , our Privacy Policy Regarding Our User Data Collection to read . It will Them help , our practices better to understand .


the entire communication with us he follows electronic . each times when you us one e-mail send or ours visit website , become you with us communicate . you voices herewith to , messages from us to get . if you the news on ours site subscribe , receive you regularly emails from us . we will Farther with Them communicate by we news and announcements on ours site publish and nd Them emails send . you voices also to that Everyone Notices , Disclosures , Agreements and other releases that we Them electronic to the disposal put , the legal requirements match that such announcements written take place .

delivery terms

We cannot guarantee you exact delivery times, it usually takes 2-4 working days to receive the goods. If your package does not arrive within 7 working days, please use our contact form .