As we all know, the RFID chips found in various credit cards give thieves wireless access to ALL vital banking information needed for fraud cases. The worst part is that most people don't even know they've been robbed until it's too late. With RFID shielding materials, you can protect all personal information, including your date of birth, place of birth, social security information, and address. Read this post to learn more about the risks associated with RFID theft and ways to protect your sensitive information.

Places where you might be vulnerable to theft

These thefts often occur in crowded or high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports, public transport, hotels, pubs and bars. Your financial information can be stolen in these places and even when you don't use your passport or bank cards, just carry them in your wallet or pocket. Manipulation or theft of your data is easy for hackers in crowded areas as they use an RFID reader and place it near your wallet, bag or briefcase. They can even walk near you while crossing a subway and access the data they want to steal. This is why manufacturers of shielding products and material suppliers are developing innovative RFID shields to prevent data theft in busy marketplaces.

Don't fall victim to scammers: prevent data theft

RFID shielding materials cut off radio signals that hackers send out with intent to steal data. Here are a few tips to protect information from unscrupulous hackers:

Check your credit cards: The best way to determine whether or not your credit cards have RFID chips is to contact the card company. Look for words like "PayPass" on your credit card to find out if it has the chip or not.

Use RFID technology: Although some believe that they can protect their credit cards or wallet by wrapping them in aluminum foil, this is a misconception. Encasing your card is a nuisance and a bit inconvenient. Also, it will not prevent a hacker from scanning the card. You can invest in products that use RFID shielding technology. These products include wallets, bags, money belts, RFID protection pouches and sleeves. They make the best use of advanced shielding materials, fabrics, metals, and Faraday cages to get rid of radio signals. Many prefer paper Faraday cages, but they don't stay active for long periods of time. Therefore, invest in shielding products that contain words like " electromagnetically opaque ".

Go through your bank records: Check all your bank statements and other financial documents on a regular basis. You can do this daily, monthly or weekly. Track all transactions made and check if there are any suspicious charges.

Keep RFID cards together: Make sure you keep all your RFID cards together in your pocket or wallet. This makes it difficult for a cheater to scan a deck of cards and extract information from a particular chip.

Always use RFID shielding products to avoid data theft. There is no point in being anxious and waiting for your financial data to be stolen by hackers. Make RFID security your priority and take the necessary steps to increase your security.


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